I do believe I've been flamed (emphasis mine, since it seems that the reason I believe I this was directed at me may not have been obvious):

The purpose of this blog is to help Exchange customers with Exchange; blogging about the competition does not serve that purpose. We read the same press stories and blogs that you all do and we are not ignoring them, but we do not see value in blogging about them. ...We're not ignoring this kind of stuff, but we are simply taking a different approach than others.  One approach is to help customers compare products via our webpage comparison info at [link deleted].
When I met Robert Scoble last week, one bit of advice he gave me (and practices himself) is to blog about the negative buzz.  It makes one more credible as a blogger, and it also diffuses some of the angst that naturally wells up when there is a negative press article/analyst report/blog entry.  Yet steadfastly, I don't see anyone on the Exchange team blogging about the marketplace -- just sticking to the technology.  I suppose that's fine, but when their big boss can't seem to even get his timetable to announce a timetable right, customers are going to start looking for answers.  If their googles end up on my blog instead of someplace on microsoft.com, that's fine with me.
As for that stuff on the Exchange team's competitive comparisons website, two of the analyst reports have been discredited, two are outdated, and two are irrelevant.  Yep, that's a different approach.

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