I'm sure this will show up in one of IDG's US publications later today (Infoworld, Network World, Computerworld etc):

Microsoft in May said it would deliver in 2005 an addition to Exchange called Edge Services, an intelligent message transfer agent for the edge of a company's network that offers security, spam and virus protection. The software maker is now backpedaling on that commitment, which was the only announced release for Exchange beyond 2004.
"We remain very committed to Edge Services," said Kim Akers, a senior director in Microsoft's Exchange Server group, in an interview on Friday. But when asked to confirm the stated ship target of 2005, she said "it is premature to talk about timing."
I seem to quite vividly remember Dave Thompson's roadmap chart at TechEd saying Edge Services was a 2005 deliverable. First they give up on "Kodiak", then they can't even commit on Edge Services.  This is rich.
While Microsoft is making it difficult for corporations to anticipate what is coming down the product pipeline, the company is delivering incremental updates to Exchange, said Teney Takahashi, a market analyst at The Radicati Group.
"I think Microsoft is focused on making these small improvements," he said. "In a perfect world, all of that road map information would be available. Microsoft is taking its time to develop these products right. I think that is more important than offering a road map for five years, though I can understand if corporations are getting frustrated."
Alrighty, then.
attendees won't hear much about the future of Exchange as Microsoft is not ready to publicly discuss the Exchange road map, including plans for a new version of Exchange, Akers said.
That's odd, in this article (and others), MS clearly committed to announcing a roadmap at this particular conference.
So let's see -- Thompson has run the Exchange team since early this year.  Ten months in, they've cancelled "Kodiak", slipped the schedule on Edge Services, and still won't disclose a roadmap.  No wonder MS won't send anyone to debate me at Inbox 2004 -- it would be like sending lambs to slaughter, wouldn't it.
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