This is where trackback would be kinda useful....
Volker linked to a blog on Dan Gillmor's eJournal about Microsoft's digital rights management capabilities in Office 2003.  Being the anti-MS lemming that I am, I dutifully followed over, and even added some comments.  I was surprised to see the Scobelizer jump in to try to defend this MS effort -- and defend is the right word, because even though his comment is short, it's got all the body language of someone who justifiably is under attack.  I wonder if MS is making defense via blog part of its new hire training.
Anyway, you can check it out -- the more interesting thing to me, at the moment, is that I haven't had a single referrer as a result of my comments on what I thought was a pretty widely-read weblog.
As for MS's DRM technology in Office 2003, well, my comments on Gillmor's site pretty much sum up my thinking.  This is a great demoware feature, and it preys on the paranoia of senior executives.  But the actual implementation is in MS's finest 1.0 tradition, and relies on outside infrastructure (paid, of course) as well as the naive assumption that everyone who needs to participate in the system will happily upgrade to Office 2003.  I've heard rumors that MS is or will be shipping a "viewer" to read DRM-encoded documents -- that ought to make things nice and painful for everyone.

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