In today's earlier slashdot-related posting, Julian Robichaux comments: "I love hearing about technologies that compete against Notes. It means that Notes must doing something important and useful."  Well, in that vein, here's another timely wiki-related article:

Though JotSpot is still in its early days, with a growing need for collaboration tools the expanded wikis could ultimately rival collaboration products from giants including IBM Corp. and Microsoft Corp., said Burton Group Senior Analyst Peter O'Kelly.
"JotSpot will be used within organizations and it will displace other collaborative product offerings in places. Ultimately it is going to be competition with the more established players such as IBM Lotus Notes and Microsoft SharePoint and to a certain extent could even compete with the content and document management vendors," he said.
JotSpot's product has been called Lotus Notes for the Web, an analogy O'Kelly, who once worked at Lotus, agrees with. "It can do the same types of document-oriented applications that Notes can do and certainly ones that do things like document-based workflow or information collection," he said.
With all due respect to Peter, JotSpot can do some of the very basic things that Notes can do.  I just took the tour, read all the "JotSpot uses", etc.  It feels like the stuff Lotus Workplace Builder can do with Workplace 2.0 -- and maybe it will evolve, but for now, just feels spartan.  
Besides, Notes for the web?  I thought we called that Domino.
Link: InfoWorld: Wiki startup JotSpot draws crowd for product beta >

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