When I arrived on Monday, I really thought something was wrong -- we landed at Heathrow 40 minutes early, and the taxi time to the gate was only 5 minutes!  This swift arrival meant that I was in the hotel bar having a beer with Bill Buchan, Warren Elsmore, Ian McCherill, Daniel Nashed, Urban Hildebrand, Caroline McClure, Hannah Briden, and others by 11 PM, a full hour ahead (thanks for the beer, Bill!).
The conference was very good, exceeding my expectations about the first-of-its-kind event.  I started my Lotus Workplace Strategy presentation, as I have done in Detroit, Atlanta, etc. with the question "How many are confused?"  (I clarified -- "How many are confused about Lotus's strategy?" J).  Lots of hands -- the vast majority.  By the end, I asked again -- no hands.  This is why I've strongly suggested that all Lotus customers and other interested parties watch the Larry Bowden webcast on Lotus Workplace (not a direct link, but you'll find it on that page).  The rest of the day was spent in other sessions, informal getting-to-know-you conversations, and catching up with colleagues.  The day/conference closed with a general Q&A session.  For me, this was a little disappointing, as most of the conference delegates, naturally, had left to catch their trains or start their drive home.  Thus, most of the questions came from other speakers, which gave them quite a different flavor.
Still, I rate the event a success.  Those customers that did attend were clearly making more than a financial and time investment -- they came to learn, to gain a deeper perspective, to ask challenging questions, and to advocate for their needs.  Bill Hume (Lotus VP of Development for Notes/Domino) and I both walked away with some new ideas and some clear to-dos.  The event staff, organisation, audiovisuals, etc. were all first rate, and it will be a pleasure to work with the H&T Verlags / Groupware Magazin team again for other events.  I believe they also see the demand in the UK market for additional Lotus-focused events in the future, so hopefully we'll do this one again, next year.
Next event -- next week in Kassel, the Deutsche (German) Notes Users Group's 19th Konferenz.  Bigger audience, lots more history between me and the group, some old friends, but a lot less English.  Should be fun :)

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