A fairly lengthy article that appeared incredibly quickly after my interview with the reporter yesteday.  He got most of it right, and I hope you'll share this link with your colleagues.

IBM's Lotus Software unit next week plans to reveal the next wave in its "Workplace" strategy, introducing a slew of additions to its enterprise instant messaging and collaboration offerings. ...
Specific collaborative applications rolled into Workplace 1.1 include document sharing, a document library, instant messaging and group chat, and Web conferencing. Portions of those are capable of being delivered through Web services into other Lotus or third-party enterprise applications -- such as information like call-in information or the agenda for a Web meeting.
Of course, he asked about competition....
""We've seen a lot of companies coming to the [enterprise IM] party lately," he (Brill) added. "What we're not seeing is many people coming to the [Web conferencing] party ... people are treating them as two different markets. Players I think of in enterprise IM are not the ones in Web conferencing, and vice versa ... One of the major reasons why customers choosing us right now is that they get both sets of capabilities." Brill also shrugged off concerns about Microsoft's recently launched Office System, which integrates enterprise IM software and a Web conferencing service (in the form of Live Communications Server and Live Meeting, respectively.)  "Microsoft still has to demonstrate they've got it right this time," Brill said."
Specific area to clarify -- Workplace does not equal a J2EE backend, just that Lotus are providing such capabilities on J2EE along with evolving the current technologies as part of Workplace.
Link: Instant Messaging Planet: Lotus details 'Workplace' collaboration plans >

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