I wasn't at BLUG, but I loved looking at these slides from my colleague David Via and John Head of PSC:

Slides 38 and 41 grabbed my attention. Using the same requirements and business logic, a Domino R5 application was modernized through XPages in 104 hours. The same firm estimates that the building same application in SharePoint would take 188 hours, with twice as many work items and requirements. It looks like Domino and XPages provide a lot of the foundational layers that would need to be built from scratch in the SharePoint world.

There are many other positive nuggets in David and John's presentation, highlighting why I am so focused on renewing our position in the rapid collaborative application development space. And here's another -- a new case study showing where GFI, a Belgian firm, took the silver award in the "RAD Race", building an application from scratch in only twelve hours.
GFI was able to build a complete, ready-to-use SaaS application that represented a first-of-a-kind development achievement in just 12 hours, thanks to Lotus Notes, Lotus Domino and Lotus Domino Designer - GFI’s participation and Silver award status in the RAD Race generated local Benelux press coverage, which enhances the company’s standing as a key developer and systems integrator in the EU market, and adds depth to sales presentations and meetings with customers.
My team is working hard on new marketing efforts, workshops, packaging/licensing, and other efforts to help make XPages apps even more accessible to the market. These kinds of stories help us in those efforts, so keep them coming.

(Note: Updated based on John's comment #1 below)

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