Business partners have been essential to the success of Notes and Domino, but IBM believes a renewed commitment to its Lotus partners will be a successful catalyst of future software growth.  One key part of that renewed effort is its Move2Lotus seminars in which business partners and IBM Lotus experts join forces to demonstrate the collaborative capabilities of Lotus products. The program also rewards customers for "trading in" non-Lotus licenses when buying new Lotus software. Those kinds of events -- emphasizing partners' skills alongside Lotus products -- represent a new thinking at IBM, said David Hough, a director with PSC Group LLC, a Schaumburg, Ill.-based consultancy and IBM business partner. ...
Perhaps best of all, the improved support has helped him compete against Microsoft technologies by giving him more ways to illustrate the differences, Hough said.  "Microsoft is focused on desktop functions ... and IBM Lotus is a process-focused architecture," Hough said. "With IBM's help, we're able to deliver steak at hamburger prices."
I was part of PSC's one of the recent "Second Tuesdays" event, which I previously blogged.  These guys are serious about the right way to leverage IBM resources, add their own, and develop a successful pipeline of new customer opportunities.  I'll be working with more partners in the coming weeks on similar activities, and am always happy to consider more such activities.
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