See, the .NET team recognizes the value of engaging in an industry-focused debate with competitors from IBM etc.,...too bad for the Exchange team that they don't see it the same way.

At a session entitled "The Great J2EE vs. Microsoft .Net Shootout" at the OOPSLA conference here this week, software development superstars debated the relative strengths and weaknesses of Microsoft's .Net and Sun's Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition. The panelists included Anders Hejlsberg, Microsoft Corp. distinguished engineer and lead designer for the C# language; John Crupi, chief Java architect for Sun Services at Sun Microsystems Inc.; Don Box, leading Microsoft architect on its Indigo project; Rob High, IBM's chief architect for the WebSphere Application Server Family; and Alan Knight, lead developer for the Web Toolkit at Cincom Systems Inc. and a Smalltalk expert....
The panel made for some lively debate and humor provided by Martin Fowler, chief scientist at ThoughtWorks Inc., who chaired the panel. For instance, both Box and Hejlsberg wore black shirts. Fowler said, "I see the Microsoft guys are dressed in black. Are they taking this evil empire thing a little too seriously?"
Link: eWeek: Programming legends debate .Net, J2EE >

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