A few days ago, Jonvon posted a comment where he asked about the process used for choosing sessions at Lotusphere.  Now, I don't want to blog about anything that could get me fired :), so I'll leave out some of the gory details.
Lotusphere 2004 is my third go at being part of the content team.  The core group is about eight of us.  We divide up the task by tracks -- each of us tending to our areas of specialty.
Over a month ago, the session abstract database opened for IBMers, partners, and customers to submit proposed sessions.  I won't say the exact number submitted, but it is a lot!  We've deliberately widened the circle of who and how sessions can get proposed -- some real nuggets have come in from customers or partners who might not otherwise have thought to participate.  Of course, there are also some stretch topics, things that might be interesting to only a small group of people, or don't really warrant a 75 minute session, or aren't really about Lotus technology specifically.
So our task as track managers is to separate the wheat from the chaff.  That process started the day the database was open, and is now starting to wind down.  Not completely done, but in the next couple of weeks, we'll be ready to push out a snapshot of our proposed content to the Lotusphere website.  For a lot of potential attendees, that's an important milestone, as it will help them decide whether the content is relevant for them or not.
The actual sessions that get selected represent a wide spectrum.  Some are what we think of as "Lotusphere standards" -- What's new in the Notes client, a futures session from IBM Research, etc.  Others are celebrity speakers -- people who could read the telephone book aloud and would still get packed sessions (some of these are fellow Domino bloggers, but I'll have to leave you guessing as to who I mean, at least for now).  For 2004, there will be a bunch of sessions on the Lotus Workplace J2EE technologies, which will be all new content.  In fact, I'd say that the great majority of content will be new this year -- there is just so much going on.
Like everything else about Lotusphere, the track selection process is taken very seriously.  We have a number of peer and management reviews in the system, meet every week to discuss progress, and solicit a lot of advice and direction.  The other piece of the event that is starting to get that much attention is the opening general session -- almost three months before we'll be in Orlando.

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