Through its extranet, Celina provides its agents working at independent agencies single-click, self-service access to individual policyholder files and other key data. That saves time for the 600 agents across nine states who work for those agencies.
But Celina also does something that some might consider leading edge. The insurance concern also uses instant messaging. Celina employees, mostly claims professionals, use the system to communicate among themselves. Celina's customer service representatives and its agency force also use the technology....
This real-time collaborative environment has extended Celina's reach in attracting employees. "Celina, Ohio is a beautiful city in the middle of nowhere, so attracting talent isn't always easy," Shoenfelt says. "With Lotus Instant Messaging and Lotus Notes, we've created a virtual environment that doesn't require an employee to be on site. That's a huge help for human resources."
Nice reference story.
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