TCO study - I need your help

November 30 2004

It seems that sponsored research and analyst reports are an ongoing blog theme here.  This time, though, it's not-yet-published research that I'm writing about...and more importantly, need participants.
IBM Lotus recently retained a major analyst company to create an updated TCO report on Domino 6/6.5, and plan to provide them with some representative customers to survey.  Customers who have migrated from previous releases of Domino will be asked to discuss their deployments (via telephone) with an analyst, with a goal of quantifying costs and savings realted to the upgrade.  This will require an hour (or less) of customer time.  The organization may elect to include their company name in the report, or be identified generically (e.g., "large financial services company in North America").  The customer benefit will be an idea of where they stand from a TCO perspective, in relation to other Domino shops.  When the report is completed, IBM plans to publish the results.
Bottom line -- if you've upgraded to Notes/Domino 6/6.5, and you think your deployment is typical or exemplary, this would be a great effort to be part of.  It's rare I ask for this kind of help on the blog -- and rare that I open up to public view a planned marketing deliverable.  We've discussed before why IBM wants to create a deliverable like this -- something to help IT management and executives understand the value of upgrading ... or provide insights into places/ways to optimize existing deployments.  It's not entirely a defensive move -- because Lotus's tracking studies show anywhere from 60% - 80% of Domino servers have already been upgraded to 6.x, and 50+% of Notes clients as well.  It's mainly a good benchmark to show the value of Notes/Domino 6.x, and establish a reference point going into 7.0 as well.
If you can help, please contact me through the usual routes -- ed_brill @, AOL IM: edbrill, etc.  Thanks.

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