Computerworld has two interesting stories today..
Crossing Boundaries (interview with Ray Ozzie):

Ozzie:  Essentially, what we've learned in the past few years of people using Groove is that it's not just the nature of business that's changing; it's the nature of work itself that's changing. You're working with multiple companies, and you're working with people in a geographically distributed manner. You're working at home and in the workplace. The trend of decentralization that Notes started within the corporation is moving between corporations, and now it's touching individuals.
I think Notes + the web has done a more-than-effective job at creating extended-enterprise solutions.  Even when Ray was still working on Notes, the Chrysler SCORE application (the one featured in the Denis Leary commercials) was a supplier/customer application.
Defining the Portal's Purpose (written by IBM's Ken Bisconti):
Although portals rank at the top of software-buying surveys and corporate interest in this technology continues to grow, recent data shows that portal projects struggle to find a reason to exist. To make portals deliver their expected returns, Forrester says, companies should abandon their IT-centric view of portals, tie portals to specific business processes and recognize the role portals will play in ushering in the next generation of packaged composite applications.

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