Interesting how I am really starting to get a feel for the Canon Elph after about six months of usage.  It's not the perfect camera -- I also had my analog Minolta with me on this trip -- but it's pretty darn good.  The Minolta was used exclusively for black and white film (matte finish, mind you), and those prints (along with a CD) won't be back for about a week.  So you'll just have to imagine them for now.
This is certainly the last trip I'll use Yahoo photos for.  Besides the fact that I've chewed up my 80 MB (and why do they have to tell everyone in the world that?), I don't like the fact that there are multiple click-throughs to see the large version of prints, nor the fact that they have multiple ads on every page.  So, instead of suggesting you just surf over and look at every one in a slide show (which of course you are welcome to do), I'll link to each of the sub-categories, and some highlights, directly from here as well.  I suppose if I were really in a good mood, I'd just do a bunch of img src links to the actual photos stored on Yahoo, but I'm jetlagged as is, so you'll just have to accept this format. :)
Remember that on most of the pics, you can click through to view the full-size image.

OK, now on with the photos....
Photo album home

Old city center, Stefansdom, etc.
Schloss Schonbrunn
One of my favorites from the Schloss grounds
More Vienna city center, opera house, etc.   (too lazy to rearrange these into the same grouping as Vienna part 1 ;))
Strange sentiment expressed on a lightpost -- seems like it shouldn't be in English!
Great T-Mobile place-specific billboard: The Naschmarkt is an open air food market and weekend flea market.
Hotel Viennart (exterior and lobby)
Requisite consumption of apple strudel and coffee
(31 October 2003):
Bratislava city center: Palace, old city
Ouch!  Art meets life
Walkway up to the Castle
View of modern bridge and Soviet-era apartment blocks across the Danube from old city centre
I love to photograph old, crumbly buildings
Beautiful fall colors (sequence of three or four photos)
In the US, Dunkin' Donuts sells "Munchkins", little doughnut balls.  I guess this is the German brezel version?

Sequence of people at DNUG: Volker, Daniel, Libby, me (nine photos, including a couple of one of the breakout presentation rooms)
Herkules statue and environs (seven photos, some of the best of the whole trip!).  Yes, in this one, you are looking at cloud cover below us, not a body of water.
Chocolate souffle dessert at Gutshof restaurant, Kassel.  Restaurant website link
Wilhelmshohe schloss and grounds (seven photos, including, for those who like to cut to the chase, this amazing foliage scene).

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