Microsoft had a workshop a few weeks ago for Lotus business partners on integrating Domino and .NET.  Looking at the agenda, it appears there was a fair bit of time spent on migration away from Domino, but I'll go with the storyline.

"There's absolutely no reason to abandon Notes," said Balaban in Lexington, Mass. "Notes and Domino are good at what they do, but they don't do everything. You have to look outside of the platform."
Balaban said the seminar gave him a chance to educate Microsoft executives about collaboration. "They've got guys like Gary [Devendorf], who is fabulous at what he does, but they need to get their senior development people to talk to people who know how to build collaborative applications," Balaban said. "They really don't get it."
I'm sure Bob will jump in if I'm off track, but this quote makes it sound like Microsoft views this effort as a way to tap into the knowledge and expertise of Lotus partners, since they've been unable to build a viable competitor in eight years of trying.  Anyone remember InfoImage?
The big question is, is all this new interest in integration with Lotus Domino recognition of IBM's market leadership, or just a way to get into Domino shops with a peaceful message?  Would Steve Ballmer (as opposed to Gary) say that Microsoft's strategy is to integrate with Domino, or to beat it?  If this really is a new Microsoft story, that can only benefit all of us.
Link: eWeek: Microsoft reaches out to Domino >

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