LOL -- "Where's the beef?"
There has been a ton of press coverage of last week's Lotus Workplace launch.  Much of it has been merely highlighting the day's news, which of course is good and helpful.  This particular article, though, is much deeper, as a result of the reporter having attended the launch event itself.

IBM officials reiterated throughout the event that its existing Notes and Domino platform for messaging and collaboration wasn't going anywhere and would continue to be developed in conjunction with Workplace.
"IBM is going to pass the intelligence test," promised Larry Bowden, vice president of Lotus Workplace products at IBM, noting that IBM wasn't about to force 110 million Notes users to migrate to a different platform.
"There was a Version 6 and 6.5 [of Notes and Domino], there's going to be a Version 7 and a Version 8," said Bowden. "Customers have built thousands of applications on the Domino application server that have to delivered to Workplace.
"The Domino application server is going to be around for at least the next decade."
Notes meanwhile remains a "strategic front-end" interface for Workplace, Bowden said. He said Notes and Domino support and development would remain for as long as customers needed it.
Combined with the white paper that I linked to on Friday, I think the current "Notes is dead" FUD phase has finally drawn to a close.  Any bets on how long before Notes is incorrectly declared dead, again?
Link: eWeek -- IBM beefs up Lotus Workplace platform >

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