My colleague Arthur Fontaine, who some of you know from developerWorks/LDD or Partner Forum postings, webcasts, etc., has authored an article for DominoPower that discusses the Domino Express offerings:

Yet tens of thousands of happy SMBs worldwide don't suffer these problems, because they use IBM Lotus Domino as email and group calendar infrastructure. Many go a step further and deploy Domino document applications that solve real business problems.
These SMB customers probably know that Domino is an enterprise-grade solution, but all they care is that it delivers the mail and keeps the schedule, 24/7, can accommodate all kinds of business and usage scenarios, and has never propagated a major email-borne virus.
In fact, Domino is the largest selling SMB product at IBM due to performance and characteristics like these....
Recent research from industry analyst firm Gartner, in their paper "Midsize Business Outline IT Plans and Priorities", indicates that SMBs are growing increasingly concerned about the dependence of their IT infrastructures on Microsoft and are confused with Microsoft's licensing practices.  In fact, Lotus SMB research shows that a majority of SMB Exchange users would be open to a viable competitive offering if it were presented.
It is well known that many SMBs have close business partner relationships, and in fact often treat their local BP (business partner) as an extension of their own IT staff. Domino Express is very partner-friendly, which makes it especially suitable for SMB.
Over 150 worldwide Move2Lotus business partners dedicate a large component of their practices on migrating competitive mailboxes to Domino, and Express is a primary tool. Utility Server Express supports thousands of prebuilt and custom applications.
And for partners working with Linux, special IBM "Double Your Discount" incentives make Express the most competitive email platform around.
Link: DominoPower: Expanding IBM Lotus' e-mail portfolio with Express Messaging >

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