OK, so given how this is a public weblog, I can't really say much about the customer I met with on Tuesday here.  But I will say a couple of things --
1) The meeting started with the most senior person present saying "We have committed to [move to] Microsoft Exchange".  And the Lotus sales person portraying me as capable of walking on water in response, while the color drained from my face and a pit formed in my stomach.
2) The customer's reasons for making such a decision were familiar and somewhat typical.  Some dissatisfaction with Notes (R5) functionality, specifically calendaring (the root of two other meetings I've done like this in the last year), some perceived integration benefits, and a licensing issue around getting MS Exchange as part of their MS contract.
It's too soon (and again, too public) to say anything about what I think the outcome of the meeting will be, other than that it was a very good meeting from my perspective.  In aggreggate, all these stories will become part of the 2004 edition of my "Boss Loves Micrsoft: Where does that leave Lotus" presentation at Lotusphere (and other subsequent events).
Speaking of Lotusphere, sometime this week the Lotusphere website will be updated with sample session titles -- we're about 80% of the way there on choosing the content.  BoFs are a bit further behind.  Lotus Awards judging has begun, and the finalists there will be announced on Thursday, November 19th.  In the category I'm judging, we have about 3x the number of entries as any previous year I've judged, which I think is great to see the interest and enthusiasm.  With one exception.  The guidelines around "three customer references" apparently weren't clear enough to one spammer, who decided to submit like 30. :(

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