I have been so busy this week that I have barely had time to think about my next trip -- uh oh, too late!  Where are my power adapters?*  Tickets?  Oh yeah -- I still haven't unpacked or done laundry from the last trip -- guess it's going to be a busy 36 hours.
My Australian colleagues confirm that it's going to be an interesting week.  This line in a mail this morning caught my attention: "We're all looking forward to meeting you, myself and many of the Partners are avid Ed Brill BLOG readers (think I know more about American Airlines processes/procedures/flight schedules than most!)."    
So, for those readers down under, just a quick recap of where I'll be -- Sunday/Monday in Perth, Tuesday in Melbourne, Wednesday in Canberra, Thursday in Wellington, Friday/Saturday in Sydney (yes, that's right, I'm having to double back to Oz...don't ask).  I think there's someplace in there for me to meet everyone that contacted me since I first indicated I'd be in Australia.  Since only a few of the events are public, I don't think I can post any more of the specifics at the moment.
Monday to Friday are booked solid (in some cases, I don't even have enough time to sleep ;), so I'm not sure I'll have too many interesting travel/tourist-type reports next week (read: the sign at the airport may say "welcome to Australia", but the reality is, the hotels and conference rooms look the same there as anywhere else).  Probably be able to write about some very nice customer and partner interactions though.

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