eWeek has a more detailed story about last week's IBM Workplace announcements.  They also mention the forthcoming Workplace Designer tool, and cover some of the application development roadmap.

Domino developers have long sworn by the Domino Designer RAD (rapid application development) tool. IBM plans to introduce a new developer tool for Workplace called Workplace Designer, in what will likely be Version 2.6 of Workplace and delivered in the first half of next year.
The development tool, based on J2EE (Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition), will be targeted at the same type of higher-level users who write application scripts in Domino Designer, according to Ken Bisconti, vice president of messaging solutions for Lotus, which is based here.
"We haven't yet delivered on the full vision of application development in Workplace," said Bisconti, noting that existing Workplace development tools, such as Workplace Builder, are template-driven tools for business users to design simple applications and customizations.
Lotus also intends to support C++ and Microsoft Corp.'s .Net programming environments as Eclipse plug-in modules, which will allow developers skilled in Microsoft technologies to build extensions for Workplace.
Link: eWeek: Workplace changes in store >

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