SearchDomino published a story yesterday covering a new Gartner "First take" on the IBM Workplace strategy.  My impression of Gartner's report was different in reading it first-hand vs. what was I took away from the SearchDomino version.
SearchDomino says

In a "Gartner FirstTake," analyst Tom Austin insists that IBM will not abandon Lotus Notes/Domino devotees. Still, he pointedly predicts that "separate-but-equal development paths" for Notes and WebSphere developers will eventually disappear. He suggests 2009 as a target date.
This Gartner view does not map to IBM's official position. Big Blue has pledged ongoing support to Notes/Domino developers, albeit with a growing helping of Java tools in the mix.
As discussed the other day, this future version of Notes is still Notes.  It runs Notes mail and applications.  It uses Domino servers.  It works on multiple client platforms.  Gartner seems to have a view that this is a branding exercise, when the IBM demonstrations have already shown that it's an integration one.
Going on from there, the Gartner report  (here for Gartner subscribers) actually has several other useful points, which for some reason weren't covered by SearchDomino.  Gartner says:
  • "By 2009, Lotus Notes/Domino total cost of ownership will drop by 70 percent (0.6 probability)." (It does seem a bit incongruous to make this prediction to the same timeframe as when Gartner also say that Notes will disappear.)
  • They recommend to existing Notes/Domino customers that "the overall [engineering and migration] risk has dropped and the potential benefits of the Workplace architecture have risen significantly" and to prospective customers that "IBM is focusing on the proper target".
Respected analysts obviously have an important and useful role to play in providing advice to you as customers/partners on where vendors and the market are going.  In this case, the fact that Gartner indicates that their position diverges from IBM's official position should prompt you to gather additional data and input...starting with this page on

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