My Melbourne curse continues

November 18 2003

I don't really know what it is about this city and me....
The last time I was here, I ended up "in hospital" for five days.  The time before that, I never ended up flying to Melbourne, thanks to some strong persuasion by the Lotus team in Sydney about staying there for a few extra days.
This time, it's nothing major, but as I am getting ready to deplane, the zipper on my computer bag splits open.  So I now have a non-functional clamshell instead of a carry bag.  I am not amused...
Monday in Perth was a most excellent day.  Four customer meetings -- a wide, wide range of topics, including Outlook vs. Notes usability, SAP integration and SAP portal positioning, knowledge discovery and contextual collaboration, and more.  Thanks to the team in Perth -- time well spent, even if it did mean lots of extra flying.
The flying time was put to reasonable use -- I finished reading Scott Turow's latest, Reversible Errors.  I'm a big Scott Turow fan, and not just because I've met him twice.  His writing is good, he manages a central plot but lots of subplots seamlessly, and well, his stories are obviously set in Chicago.  This one was a relatively quick read, even at 500+ pages, about the last ditch effort to prove a death row inmate is innocent.  Recommended.
Tuesday's schedule is "chock a block" -- a seminar format meeting in the morning, then four customer meetings plus two press interviews.  Then on to Canberra tomorrow evening.  And I have to buy a new computer bag somehow, somewhere in all of that (or figure out how in the heck to get this zipper back together).  For now, it's time to hit the melatonin and get the meager five and a half hours of sleep available before the day begins.

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