Two flights and some frayed nerves later, I've arrived in Wellington.  Sydney airport is not the best for making international connections.  First the wind-up toy from Canberra lands at a remote parking spot, meaning a bus to the terminal.  Then another bus all the way at the other end of the terminalfor the international transfer.  Since about a third of the passengers were doing such a transfer, why not just take them to the transfer bus, or better yet directly to international?  No, that would be too easy.
The onward flight to Wellington had its own challenge -- I was seated next to a mother and her two small boys, one two years old and the other only seven weeks.  They were returning from a family emergency in Adelide, and the mom was as nice as can be...but, it was still a bit of a challenge.  Anyway, we're here.
Aside -- the flight from Canberra to Sydney was on one of the Qantas planes celebrating the rugby World Cup -- spot the rugby ball in the kangaroo's hands on the plane's tail. (I've reduced the size of all these photos as I'm on a 36K bps dialup in bigger ones when I get back to high speed connectivity).
Image:Well well Wellington (and a Canberra wrapup)
As I expected, Justin Knol has updated his useful stuff with a description of today's meeting in Canberra.  I wonder what you all think of Justin's suggestion....

In some discussions after the presentation, a few of us thought that Lotus should drop the Domino brand and just use the Workplace brand for all servers. What about Workplace Collaboration Server. They could even use the Notes name for the new rich/java client. Two brands - easy.
It was nice to meet both Justins, and I captured at least one of them in the digital well as many others in the crowd of 40 or so.  Also very good to see my mate Shaun Smith, who took me for lunch and then up to the Telstra tower to check out Canberra from on high.  It was almost a surreal feeling -- with a still wind, the whole area around Canberra just hangs like a painting.  I had not realized how the city is literally carved out of the bush -- but you can certainly sense it from above.
(Note: the picture in yesterday's posting was not my own.... I did an from another site.  I've taken that out now that I do indeed have my own...)
Image:Well well Wellington (and a Canberra wrapup)
Image:Well well Wellington (and a Canberra wrapup)
Anyway, enough of all that for now.  Time for bed.

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