Just catching up on my complimentary newspapers from the last two days...this headline caught my eye for sure...

TELSTRA is preparing a tender for a new email platform as part of its $100 million response to four months of serious system problems.  Chief executive Ziggy Switkowski said a number of options were being considered. It is understood they include a new version of the existing iPlanet email software, supplied by Telstra's main software partner, Sun Microsystems. As a result of Telstra's email problems, its 1.6 million email customers have been receiving mail up to a month late. And Telstra has not been able to guarantee that no email was lost last month, when the problems became severe.
Further in the article, Telstra's internal use of MS Exchange is mentioned...but as far as I can tell, they are planning to upgrade to Exchange 2003.  This article is simply about their hosted offering.
It's the perfect anecdote for my presentations, really.  Sun is considered to be the market leader in "standalone e-mail", and was listed in the leaders quadrant of Gartner's last messaging magic quadrant (now over a year old).  Sure, they can provide a system for hosting cheap POP and webmail, but that doesn't make them suited for the enterprise.  Now I realize that Telstra's implementation dates back to iPlanet, is customised, etc., but it's still the same code at the foundation.  And it's not what customers want today.
Link: The Australian: Telstra dumps its email >

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