Justin Freeman has written up a summary of the seminar I did yesterday in Canberra.  He also took some photos, his seem to be a bit more interesting than the few I posted overnight.  Yes, I was in a suit -- have been all week, chaps, plus the UK and Germany events earlier in the month.  And no, Bruce, it's not 20+ years old...that one was sky blue and had a nice brown tie to go with it.
Couple of comments on Justin's write up (this would be a great place for trackback, no?):
* On #4, I don't know that I would have put *very* on this statement. I guess I was giving a semi-personal opinion there.  But it's fair -- I have the official position that I don't think upgrading to Office 2003 delivers any value to anyone other than Microsoft, and so any alternatives -- OpenOffice, but also the on demand editors in WebSphere Portal 5, etc. -- should be explored.
* On #9, I need to clarify.  Lotus Workplace 2.0 is planned to be supported on Oracle as well as DB2.  As for the other databases, it is written in an open-standards way so it could/should work, but it's not on the Lotus radar at all at the moment.
* On #14, you can't remember my response because I didn't give one.  I said it is an interesting idea, and let's leave it at that.
* #16 is a reference to Justin Knol's thought about rebranding.  "No comment" from here at the moment, I'm just curious what others think.
Today's session in Wellington went quite well, at least I thought so.  I wonder if The Gutted Geek will write a review; here you can see him thinking about it (nice to meet you, Colin; sorry about the redeye, I don't have time to edit the photo ;)).
Image:More on Canberra customer meeting(Colin Williams)
Then there was Justin Knol, I captured him in the snaps, too.
Image:More on Canberra customer meeting(Shaun Smith of IBM Lotus with Justin Knol)
More later!

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