Sounds like it was a heck of a game, but in the end, the Brits were too much for the Wallabies.  Ah defending champ has ever won back to back, I think that's what Marty told me yesterday.
I sure learned a lot about rugby this week.  It started right away when I landed in Sydney, and the replay of the Australia vs. New Zealand game was on the big screen.  Then the first half of the week, my Aussie colleagues kept reminding me, "When you get to Wellington, don't mention the rugby".  One of them said, "think of it like this -- if Puerto Rico beat Canada at ice hockey".  Strong image, indeed.  Friday and Saturday in Sydney, you just couldn't get away from the rugby...everyone dressed in mustard yellow and emerald green, well, ok, everyone except for the English who were sporting a boring white with red cross kind of look.  It was intense.
As a sport, rugby is pretty foreign to an American.  In previous visits to Oz, I've never seriously watched any, since it always looked like a loosely organized street fight.  This time around, with lots of passionate fans in every city, I learned about the finer points of the game, including how much strategy really goes into it.  That really helps.... I assume it must be like when I took a group of my international colleagues to Fenway Park to watch the Red Sox.  Baseball makes far less sense to the untrained eye, so I guess I can relate.
(Finally!) on the last flight of the trip, no longer having to keep ahold of my passport at all turns.  Trying mightily to stay awake the whole flight, since I'll arrive in Chicago around 7 PM.  I am sure glad it's a holiday week coming up.

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