e-Pro's SysAdmin newswire highlights a list of reader-contributed Notes/Domino product dissapointments and hopes.  I found a few of these interesting enough to respond to explicitly:

  • "They keep selling the anti-spam features in 6.5 and 7 yet they don't tell you that it will have a huge impact on your server."
  • "You mentioned a good example regarding the "block mail from sender" rule...so what DOES happen when people have 500 email addresses or domains that they are blocking? I don't now yet. But has Lotus/IBM considered the possible impact of that?"
  • "I love how they sell "sortable subject column" as a new feature in 7! How many crack developers do you think it took to develop that piece of genius?"
On all three of these, the reality is -- it's your option how to trade off features vs. performance in your environment.  For a long time, the Notes development team rejected the notion of implementing "gee whiz" features at the risk of impacting performance, but at times, the market simply demands them.  For "sort by subject", I'd rather draw your attention to the embedded discussion thread view feature in Notes 7 -- a way-cool way to have in-context perception of a mail thread.
  • "I am disappointed that we are still forced to deal with the Notes ID file for security. Why can't Lotus give us the option of using central security like the http password for the Notes client?"
Still something that is being discussed, but it's a major tradeoff of security for flexibility.  A fifteen year track record of no major security vulnerabilities has stood the test of time for a reason.
Some other good ones, check out the full list...Link: e-Pro: ND6 disappointments and ND7 hopes >

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