Antepo's Maxime Seguineau calls Microsoft on the carpet for talking out of both sides of their mouth about "industry standards" in Microsoft Office Live Communications Server 2005.

To make matters worse, rather than using a pure installation, Microsoft uses proprietary extensions of SIP/SIMPLE as the platform for LCS 2005. They call it a modification, but we call it a hijacking, and it's forcing customers into a closed IT environment.
How is Microsoft hijacking SIP/SIMPLE? Start at the client-to-server side, the protocol exchange between the Windows Messenger or Microsoft Istanbul clients, and an LCS server. The SIP/SIMPLE protocol currently has some limitations when it comes to IM, particularly when it comes to buddy list management, so Microsoft has gone to great lengths to fill in the functionality gaps by implementing their own protocol payload and exchange sequences. While this may fill in the gap left by the fact that SIP/SIMPLE is still being developed, and while it may improve the available feature set, these extensions are Microsoft's intellectual property. That means they must be licensed by any third-party that wants to have access to them in an official manner.
That's not quite in the IETF "standard protocol" spirit, is it? The truth is that Microsoft actually prevents any third-party SIMPLE client to connect to an LCS 2005 server. Doing so would be in breach of Microsoft's licensing of those proprietary payload and protocol extensions. ...
There is a similar effect on the protocol exchange between servers. LCS 2005's sequence of SIMPLE dialogues will not work directly with other SIMPLE implementations, such as those from Lotus/IBM. Support for LCS 2005 from my company through our IM and presence applications, has had to implement a specific version of SIMPLE in order to allow federation with LCS 2005 servers.
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