Upcoming events

November 24 2003

I am publishing this on my lotus.com/weblog momentarily, but since that RSS feed isn't available yet ;)... here's a reprint...
- I'll be in Cambridge MA for a short time next week on Wednesday.
- December 8, a quick day trip to Detroit.
- December 9, a Chicago-area event, co-hosted by IBM and PSC Group (hey, I know them!) -- Notes/Domino 6 and more.  You can even win two Chicago Bulls tickets for attending. :)  11:30 AM to 1 PM.  Free lunch with Ed and John, what could be better.
- December 16 - 18: California Lotus users groups -- 16th in San Francisco, 17th in Orange County, 18th in San Diego.  Lunchtime meetings for all, the annual holiday parties that these user groups do.

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