It is great to finally have this news in the open....for months, it has seemed that some MS customers believed that Netmeeting was going to be the continued right solution for them, despite scalability issues, lack of updates, etc.  I guess the patent infringement lawsuit was the last straw, eh?  Funny how this is coming out now.  For the last two years, since "Greenwich" was announced, it has been typical for customers to insist tha they were going to continue to use Netmeeting in the future, despite a lack of updates by MS.

Microsoft is retiring its six-year-old NetMeeting online conferencing application and instead will push Office Live Meeting, formerly known as PlaceWare, for online meetings. ...
Some businesses still use NetMeeting, although IM and Web conferencing products outclass it in terms of usability, analysts said. "Should the industry mourn the loss of NetMeeting? No," said Mike Gotta, senior vice president at Meta Group Inc. "It was significant on the timeline and was widely used because there was no big alternative. For those who standardized on NetMeeting, this will force them to make what is a good decision anyway, which is to get off it."
Link: Network World: Microsoft Retires Netmeeting >

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