Several articles earlier this week that covered the unveiling of the new IBM developerWorks section on Workplace:

To attract more developers to the collaboration platform, IBM launched the Workplace Resource Center on its DevloperWorks site. The new center gives a detailed overview of technologies and products for Workplace, including links to business and technical articles, whitepapers, code downloads and other resources.

IBM launched Workplace last year, but the platform has not been capable of running third-party applications until the 2.0 release this summer, which includes standards-base portal interfaces, a Java 2 Enterprise Edition runtime environment and the open-source Eclipse programming framework, Ken Bisconti, IBM vice president of Workplace, portal and collaboration products, said.

"Workplace wasn't always capable of supporting applications, but now that it is, we've launched a developer site dedicated to (the platform)," Bisconti said.
Link: TechWeb: IBM unveils developer center for Workplace >
On IBM developerWorks, the IBM Workplace section is now live.  There's also some other new stuff on developerWorks:

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