Following on a couple of the discussions we've had here this week, Libby Ingrassia rightly asks this question:

How often are complaints about Notes and Domino (or any software for that matter) the result of lack of knowledge, poor implementation, out of date version, or simply bad choices on an enterprise or administrator's part? Or, on the other hand, how often are they actually due to bugs in the software, features that haven't been implemented, or bad choices on the software designers part? There's at least one additional option, I suppose, in that it might work as designed, and the majority of people might like it, but a few people might just find it wrong for their needs or have a different idea of how something should work.
She goes on to point out that innocent questions asked by innocent readers should not be criticized...that we all started out with far less knowledge of the products we support, and we once asked the uninformed questions, too.
In a different context:
I found it interesting that most of rebuttals on Ed's site...came from people who are fairly well-known in the Lotus technology industry as technical experts. It isn't surprising to me at all that they know how to make Notes/Domino do what it's supposed to do in the best possible way, and understand many of the intentions behind the features. They make great spokespeople for the product.
It's still a few days before we'll be announcing the sessions and speakers for Lotusphere '05, but this does give me an opportunity for a little plug.  The Lotusphere content team worked hard for 2005 to bring many of the "great spokespeople" to the Lotusphere agenda.  Some will be making return appearances, while others will be speaking at Lotusphere for the first time.  Either way, I hope that Libby's comments ring true -- that we should all remember that our audience does not know as much as we do, and we serve the common good to approach them with open arms, as peers and equals who are in learning mode.
Link: e-Pro Lotus Informer: ND6 disappointments? >

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