Groove for workgroups

December 1 2003

From a Groove press release:

Groove Networks Inc., a leading provider of desktop collaboration software, today announced a customer service offering for small businesses and groups within larger organizations. Available to Groove Networks customers with between five and 50 Groove Workspace software licenses, the Groove Group Assurance Plan provides unlimited email support and all product upgrades, enabling small businesses and groups to maximize their Groove software investments and reduce long-term costs.
A strange deja vu moment -- Notes R1/R2 were sold primarily into this kind of "workgroup" profile.  Some time around V3.2, the business model was changed to scale up, and Notes became the mass-market #1 collaboration product it is today.  Groove's technology model has always been more optimized for "workgroups," and so I suppose it's important (years after shipping) for Groove to find a way to support them more effectively.  However, I'm not sure I would expect huge growth and sustainable success from this downmarket approach.
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