This is a pretty interesting statistic...

Osterman Research has just concluded a large, multi-client messaging survey in which we asked organizations about the potential for replacing their back-end messaging infrastructure with one that provides significantly better performance, less server loading, lower costs or other significant advantages. If this required replacing current desktop clients with another client, only 15% of organizations would very likely or definitely switch backend messaging systems. However, if they could keep the current desktop clients, 56% of organizations said they would very likely or definitely switch.
guess it's good timing for Lotus's rearchitecting of Domino Access for MS-Outlook, which does a ton of new things (and uses PST instead of NSF) in 6.0.2, and will have even more enhancements in 6.5.1/6.0.4.
(As for Rockliffe -- welcome to the party.  IBM, Novell, Samsung Connect, Bynari, Sendmail, Oracle are already here, but if you think there's room, hey, that's your call.)
Link: Network World: Rockliffe unveils Outlook plug-in >

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