In just a few short months, has become the second-most popular referrer to only to Google.  More than 12% of all web visits to this site originate from  Interestingly, of those, only 6% over the last month were brand-new visits to -- thus meaning that the traffic coming in from PlanetLotus was already familiar with this blog, and is using the Planet site as a replacement way to navigate.

For me, that replacement is a substitute for having 200+ RSS feeds tracking the Lotus community.  I would much rather open a regular old browser window a few times a day to check up on what's new across the community versus using a feed for each site.  I think feeds were valuable when there were fewer bloggers and/or people writing more often.  But with most Lotus community blogs getting updated an average of once a day, a feed that polls every 30 minutes, with topics that may or may not be of interest, is less useful.

Over the last 30 days, here are the the top referring sites sending readers to  The first three are all at least 3% of overall web visits...the remaining seven are less than 1% each.

  1. Google -- 50% new visitors
  2. PlanetLotus -- 12% new visitors
  3. (Lotus websites and developerWorks Lotus blogs and forums) -- 20% new visitors
  4. -- 8.5% new visitors
  5. -- 93% new visitors
  6. -- 26% new visitors
  7. Yahoo -- 61% new visitors
  8. -- 94% new visitors
  9. -- 65% new visitors
  10. -- 21% new visitors

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