Good coverage on the Lotus Workplace direction...

Dubbed Workplace 2.0, the desktop client offering will tap Eclipse open source Java for a rich client experience. Eclipse offers a standards-based development toolset that can incorporate traditional desktop messaging behavior such as dragging and dropping from one window to another and offline capabilities -- with the look and feel of Lotus Notes.   "This will let us use a standard widget toolkit to repurpose [traditional Lotus Notes] elements so we don't have to recreate the GUI," said Heidi Votaw, senior manager of product management at Lotus Software.   Benefits of the rich client include a more enhanced UI experience, better client-side performance, and tighter integration with the OS, which will allow for multiclient support.   "The beauty of the platform is we write it once and it runs in both [Win 32 and Linux] because of the Eclipse tools," Votaw said.   Eventually, IBM plans to add support for Mac users.  IBM plans to submit some of its development back to the Eclipse open source effort.  In addition to the rich client, Workspace 2.0 will add Workplace Builder tools, designed to allow nonprogrammers to customize, tailor, and store work as a template.
Link: InfoWorld: Lotus molds collaboration vision >

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