Des Moines Notes update

December 1 2004

So what was I doing in the middle of Iowa, anyway?  I was visiting the Maytag repairman, of course.  The question is, are his Domino servers more lonely than he is?
Seriously, today's meeting was a Lotus strategy and Notes/Domino update for a bunch of fine midwestern Lotus customers.  I don't think I had met any of them before, so it was good to get a perspective on their Notes deployments and share views on where Lotus is going.  Like other similar audiences of recent weeks, the vast majority of the group had already upgraded to Notes 6.5; almost all were using the integrated instant messaging, too, which was nice to see.
We discussed the Notes/Domino 7 release -- only 10% of the people in the room had downloaded the beta.  The biggest applause was, quite literally, for this dialog box:

Image:Des Moines Notes update

I guess that's almost as exciting as print preview was for Notes R5.  They seemed quite happy with autosave, embedded thread view in mail, and the ability to paste doclinks into Notes 7 chat windows (they use the Notes:// syntax).  A lot of questions about the DB2 integration, and some about the Workplace client plug-in support as well.
I think they'll be posting PDFs of the presentations (once I generate them) to the central Iowa Notes user group's website.  I'll update this blog entry with the link once they are posted.

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