Thanks, Carl

December 3 2003

I know a lot of you reading here or in the Lotus Partner Forum must think Carl Tyler and I are perpetual antagonists, but it's really not the case.  Carl is just typically British.  What does that mean?  Well, it does mean that he is a pain in the arse sometimes, but it also means that he is good about separating professional from social.
I'll never forget one of my first business trips to London in 1999.  Jeanette (Medlin) Barlow and I had a meeting with the Lotus sales and technical sales staff in Staines.  We were pre-briefing them on the upcoming Lotus client strategy announcement, which was done at Lotusphere 2000 -- where the iNotes brand was introduced, specifically the plan around iNotes Access for MS-Outlook.  Well, it was early days, and we admittedly didn't have answers to a lot of questions about how the product would work, the pricing, the positioning.   My esteemed colleagues -- many of whom are not only still with IBM Lotus but are credible bloggers of their own -- beat the snot out of Jeanette and me.  It was one of the worst internal meetings I had ever had.  Yet when we wrapped up, I think it was Jim Craig who said, "are you guys going with us to the pub?"  Which we did, in fact, and had a lovely time.  I often think back to that event as one that defined an aspect of British business culture for me.
And so it goes with Mr. Tyler.  He recently has made comments on this blog that some have said were quite negative.  Hey, at least the man isn't afraid to express himself, right?  More to the point, he was considerate enough to offer me a ride from Lotus to Boston Logan airport tonight, which gave us a few minutes to catch up face to face -- probably hadn't since Lotusphere '03, if either of us recalls correctly.  And yes, if you were following comments the last few weeks, I did schlep a World Cup Rugby shirt back to the US for Carl  -- XXL, but his diet is indeed doing some good and he looks reasonably reduced from the last time I saw him.  Anyway, thanks for that, mate, and we'll see you in Orlando.

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