Customers increasingly want to buy just what they will use and install, not a lot of shelfware, many partners say. That is why Microsoft hopes to arm large account resellers (LARs) and other partners to better demonstrate why the latest-and-greatest Microsoft products bring real value. Un-deployed software is a time bomb, especially in this era of constrained IT budgets. ...
Naysayers maintain that Microsoft's perceived high handedness has pushed customers to give StarOffice, OpenOffice, Linux, you name it, a real examination before making a new volume decision. Or maybe encourages them to stick with the Office 2000 or Office XP they've had installed for years. After all, many users think, we don't use 80 percent of the features we already have, why pay for more features we don't need or use?
Perhaps the "you've already bought it whether you wanted it or not" tactic wasn't quite as useful as they thought.
Link: CRN Unblog: The incredible shrinking volume license >

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