The problem with take-out (take-away for the Brits) sushi is that I always order more than necessary for a meal.  There's a good reason for this -- once it is inside the four walls of the house, it is like a siren song, begging and pleading to be eaten.  What looks like it will be three meals' worth is inevitably gone before the clock strikes midnight.  (please note the timestamp on this posting, and stay tuned for possible additional updates)
Tonight's take-out was from new fave Oysy Sushi, which I've written about before (and am the #1 hit on Google for!).  Oysy now have their own website (though it is only for their Chicago location, not the suburban Northbrook one).  In Northbrook, they make about 20 additional kinds of creative maki rolls -- including Godzilla, which is the biggest maki I've ever seen.  They've crammed everything in there.
Anyway, I've already raved about Oysy before, but I'm still raving.  There is another sushi place just across the street -- Dr. Zushi, though they would hasten to point out that they are a fusion place, not a sushi place exclusively.  Whatever.  We were in there this week too, and the service was strained at best.  I'm sticking with Oysy, especially since the more I write about it, the more my neighbors will find my weblog :)

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