From Microsoft Watch:

Microsoft also is extending the custom-support period for Exchange Server 5.5. Microsoft officials said Friday that custom, paid support for 5.5 release of Microsoft's e-mail server will continue until December 31, 2007.
So, what does it say about Exchange 5.5 that customers are willing to pay for support of the product in its ninth and tenth years in market?  I suppose it could be several things:
  • That upgrade looks really painful and expensive, and I'm not in any hurry.
  • If it ain't broke, don't fix it.
Yet every Exchange 5.5 environment I've talked to (and continue to talk to) is full of compromises.  Small disk quotas.  "Wheatfields" of servers (some as low as 100 mailboxes per server).  Unreliable mobile/remote access.  Dear Exchange users: There is a better world out there!  Exchange 5.5 (or its successors) are not the only approach in market!  There are messaging products out there that do actually scale, are secure, and are reliable!

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