A number of bloggers have written tributes to today's significant Notes milestone, and there is more press coverage.

Brian Benz: "By 1996 we had a global Notes infrastructure sharing technical and financial information.  The ROI? Millions.  Information that used to take months and teams of IT guys to track down was now available in real-time."

Chris Reckling/InsideLotus: "With Notes, we could enter these CSR's online and other people could help solve the problem by providing responses. Reputations were made based on your ability to answer those questions for other people in the department. Our entire organization changed as a result. Now, that's power."

CRN: Happy Birthday, Notes (a very good, lengthy article with numerous interviews and background info):

The parnter groundswell started around Version 3, Ozzie recalls. At about that time, application development capabilities got to a point where Lotus or VARs or ISVs could really show off some capabilities.

"We got to the nifty-fifty applications and people could start cutting and pasting app snippets together and suddenly VARs were creating solutions that we never could have created in a million years," he said. "We didn't have the domain expertise or the customer knowledge." VARs were essentially building sales force automation (SFA) systems or CRM systems atop Notes before many of those acronyms were even coined.

In particular, Ozzie remembered such star VARs as Lante Corp.'s Mark Tebbe, MicroSolutions' Mark Cuban, and MFJ International's [now Relavis] Mark Johnson doing very interesting application work with Notes.
Lante was certainly the partner of choice in the Chicago market when I started with Notes.  Oh, and Mark Cuban? Never heard of him.

Heise Online: Lotus Notes feiert 15. Geburtstag: "In den Folgejahren tobten die "Seat Wars" zwischen Microsoft und IBM, die heute im Markt kommerzieller Messaging-Systeme zu beinahe gleichen Teilen die dominanten Anbieter sind."  Ah yes, the seat wars...

The Lotus Channel: "It's a very powerful tool, and I can't imagine how I'd cope without it. "

Kluge.de: "Its not about Lotus Notes, its not about the software, the brandname and the technology. The real thing was transforming our business. For me the new way of working together changed completly with Notes, but we had to open our minds and change our behavior of sharing knowledge within the organization."

Christopher Byrne:"Because after 15 years, the members of the Notes/Domino community get it: The software has succeeded because it is that good and it is only going to get better. Obviously, it is not the right tool for everything, but people need to hear what it is good for and how it can help them."

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