The folks at H&T Verlags, who publish the German Groupware Magazin, have announced Admin & Developer 2004, a Lotus-focused conference on 1 and 2 March in Munich.  Some of the speakers are announced already, including myself, Bill Hume, and several other veterans of the recent London-based event of the same name.
As discussed on Volker's weblog, there are a number of German Lotus-focused events in March.  So you should have your choice, with each one serving somewhat of a different audience.  By now, most of you know I have a strong affinity for our German market...and I think that Munich in March sounds like a fine next stop on that part of the journey.
H&T Verlags also have informed me that they plan to reprise the London venue for Admin & Developer UK 2004, in October, someplace near Heathrow.  More on that one coming soon.

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