What we're seeing from IBM Lotus on this front is pretty darn cool, actually: IBM is putting significant resources into collaboration solutions. They're improving the flexibility of their collaboration architecture, and you're going to benefit from it.

IBM often gets nailed for building and buying solutions, cobbling them together with nails and glue, and calling them all part of some larger suite. In this case, IBM is the company driving down the convergence roadmap, and they're paying attention to both the road and destination. The evolution of Notes, Domino, and Workplace has a much better chance of coming together in a thought-out way. ...

Laying your plans out on the line gives the competition a chance to swipe at what you're doing, but it also gives customers and potential customers an unprecedented look into the future. The industry worry concerning IBM's collaboration solution plans roiling around this year is amusingly mild when you consider what Microsoft Exchange customers have to go through. Check out this November article from Network World Fusion, Exchange Road Map Overdue, where Microsoft plans get harder to see rather than easier.
More on the roadmap for Notes/Domino.
Link: e-Pro: LND and Workplace: The Architecture Convergence Path >

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