A pretty decent-sized group of Chicago area IBM/Lotus customers assembled today to see the John and Ed show, AKA a Lotus update including Notes/Domino 6.5.  Mr. Head somehow even convinced me to put a jacket and tie on for the second day in a row -- I can't remember the last time I did that here in the US.  There were some familiar faces in the audience -- for me, some going back 12+ years, and for John, some of his happy customers.
The answer to the quickly becoming de rigeur "How many are confused?" question at the outset of our presentation was "fewer than expected."  If you have been following the discussion here, and at notestips, and on my lotus.com/weblog over the last few days, you know that I know that Lotus have a ways to go yet until the whole world understands Lotus Workplace.  That's fine -- I mean, after all, it's taken Microsoft years to get the word out about .NET, right?  (OK, OK, that was a cheap shot :)
Update -- Our presentations are here and here.
Related -- I'm sure you've heard about the total free-for-all going on at Slashdot.org about Lotus's strategy and specifically the remail project, right?  Can't have a Notes-related discussion on slashdot without it being called "slowtus goats" or "slowtus boats" or some such o-so-clever pun.  Go ahead, laugh at the trolls!
It's going to be a long night yet around here -- I am putting the finishing touches on tomorrow's e-Pro webcast.  Sure I'll see some of you then!

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