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December 9 2004

Now that the agenda for Lotusphere 2005 is 99% final, it's a good time to start examining the content plans.  The content team had a stated objective of increasing the proportion of Notes/Domino content on the overall agenda.  If you examine the tracks and sessions list, it seems fairly clear that this obejctive has been met or exceeded.  The early session preferences voting results seem to indicate that these increased sessions have resonated as well.
Neither the initial session postings on the web nor the session preferences e-mail indicate one important data point for the presentations -- speaker names.  One of the nice things about having a conference running for over a decade is the number of quality repeat speakers on the Lotusphere agenda.  Some have even developed a cult following -- to the point where I retitled one session to "Wes Morgan's Network Design for Collaboration".  As I told Wes, his ratings at Lotusphere are so consistently good, that attendees would come to a presentation where he read pages out of the phone book.

For Lotusphere 2005, many of the non-IBM speakers will be familiar names, drawn from two sometimes-intersecting populations.  Set one are repeat speakers.  Set two -- bloggers.  As a content manager, I was more willing to take a flyer on a rookie speaker if I knew of their writing and technical skills from other venues.  That's not to say that all blogger session proposals were accepted -- the sheer number of session proposals this year made that impossible -- but I'm pleased that a number of the Lotusphere speaking virgins were drawn directly from the Lotus electronic community.  That also includes places like the discussions on IBM developerWorks: Lotus, and places like the Partner Forum.

There will also be a Birds-of-a-Feather for the Lotus blogging community during the conference.  That doesn't mean we bloggers will attend to feed each others egos and come up with a secret handshake -- the intent is to foster and grow the community.  Bruce Elgort submitted the session as a facilitator, but many others will be there, myself included.

Here is a partial list of (non-IBM) bloggers speaking at Lotusphere 2005; I'll leave it to them to tell you about their sessions....
Rocky Oliver, John Head, Libby Ingrassia, Chris Miller, Tom Duff, Joe Litton, Bill Buchan, Christopher Byrne, Ben Langhinrichs, Andrew Pollack, Bob Balaban/Karen Hobert, Rob Novak, Declan Lynch, and Richard Schwartz.  Who did I miss?

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