I'm sitting here reviewing the draft schedule for Lotusphere 2004, and I realized that I had neglected to mention that the full Lotusphere session abstracts are now posted to the Lotusphere website.  You'll see that I am again reprising my Boss Loves Microsoft: Where does that leave Lotus? session, which I'm sure will delight the folks from S&S Consulting in Redmond, Washington.
I also think I found out where the Wednesday night thing is -- it may surprise you to learn that this is as closely guarded a secret internally as well as externally.... all I can say is what Kristin Keene said I could say -- "it's at a park."
Unrelated, the webcast today on e-Promag.com was quite enjoyable.  I'm pretty sure the archive version will be available on their site in the next few days.  I've also agreed to do an e-Pro webcast in February, coincident with a column I've written for the February issue of the magazine.

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