I've been duped!  Back in August, Microsoft announced that they were extending mainstream support for Exchange 5.5 for another year.  At least that's how the press and others conveyed the MS announcement.
Turns out that mainstream Exchange 5.5 support ends on 31 December 2003, as scheduled.  All that changed in August was that MS decided that the first year of extended hotfix support would be available at no additional charge.  What's the difference?  Well, that means that the only Exchange 5.5 support available in three weeks will be pay-per-incident and security hotfixes.  I hope that all you Exchange 5.5 sites know what you are doing, 'cause it seems like your vendor is saying "bye bye" to you very soon -- and has led you to believe that they aren't.  And I know you are still out there -- in the last month of customer meetings, the vast majority of the MS customers I've met are still on 5.5.  Yowsa.

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