As mentioned last week, one of my speaking slots at Lotusphere is entitled, "How to 'sell' Notes/Domino inside your organization".  This is a common need inside organizations already using Notes, as exemplified by the contents of an e-mail I received on Friday...paraphrased to genericize it:

The division I'm in has many Lotus Notes applications and only a couple are web based.   We're still on R5.

The organization is struggling to define the fit and future for Lotus Notes development.  They're also talking seriously about messaging consolidation -- either to Exchange or to Notes.  There is some thought to web-enabling all Notes applications and then removing the client.

The architecture group is working on a Notes architecture document to describe its strengths and weaknesses.  Could you point me to a good document that covers this topic?

Honestly, I'm not sure where to start on this one.  Certainly, Alan Lepofsky's article on about Notes applications is a good piece to leverage.  The Domino Designer 6 technical overview is great in terms of capabilities, but not architecture.
What would you point this correspondent to in order to help make the case for continuing investment in Notes apps?

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