This is awesome....Mark Cuban has taken a stroll down memory lane with the rest of us:

I saw a note a couple weeks ago marking the 15th anniversary of Lotus Notes going on sale. Now for most of you, that mean absolutely nothing. To those of us who were systems integrators back then, it was a big deal. To my company MicroSolutions, it was  HUGE deal. It also marks, what I think was one of the greatest missed opportunities in the history of personal computing.

Lotus Notes should have been the front end and backend for the internet.  It should have been the first WebServer. It should have been the first browser. It obviously wasn't.
Well, there are lots of reasons it wasn't, and history always has 20/20 hindsight.  But in a lot of ways, I agree with Cuban.
Interestingly, he goes on to list some of the customers that his firm helped make successful with Notes.  Many of those organizations are on the RSVP list for tonight's user group meeting here in Dallas.  Clearly, quality Notes applications have tremendous impact on the companies that leverage them -- with payback continuing over many years.

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